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Nocti is an open source at heart. Instead of reinventing wheels or spending resources on big licensing fees, we believe in starting with what others have done and extending the features and functions from there. We have a “70/30 Principle,” which basically says most of the time, 70% of our technical builds have common parts. So let’s use 30% of the available resources to get us 70% of the way there, then use the remaining 70% of the resources to focus on the part of the project that really can move the needle. That’s how real value is achieved!


As they say, ‘content is king.’  We couldn’t agree more. There is nothing we can build—digital or tangible—that is going to mask lousy content. You need to have something meaningful to say, or it’s game over. On top of it, there is so much noise these days.  It’s not enough to have ‘good’ content. You need to be able to get your message across in a way that gets attention. Whether it’s with the tone or format or medium is a strategic conversation we should have. But there’s no way around it. What you say and how you say it has to the foundation of every project.


Exceptional strategy leads to exceptional results. An effective marketing and communications strategy is one that leverages ordinary advertising tactics in an extraordinary way. You see thousands of ads every day, but only a few get your attention; and of those, even fewer resonate and drive action. Is it a challenge to cut through the noise in a unique way? Of course, but that’s what makes it fun. Our team thrives on creating and executing marketing campaigns that achieve results. Whether you need messaging, design, media buying, we’ve got you covered.


Your company makes your brand. Not the other way around.  Sure, logos and colors and fonts are all part of it, but there is no logo we can design to change who you are as an organization. But what we can do is make sure your brand and messaging reflect your organization’s true self.  Branding is more about delving into what makes you tick—about articulating your ‘why’—than it is about pretty logos. Don’t get us wrong: a polished visual brand is absolutely necessary to help convey your ethos, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Figuring out the stuff below the waterline is where we earn our keep!

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