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VLTG is a professional manufacturer industry specialized in stage lighting and equipment. We give them a website that inflect innovate visions from concept to market that will far exceed your expectations

Transform lighting concepts into stunning reality

Prioritizing products.

We make it possible with exclusive angles to feature their extraordinary luminaires, making it tangible and visible in the products and solutions.

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Rich experience in providing clients with unique insight to their needs and support them to create magic with light, which has won the wide recognition and praise.

Taking VLTG to the next level

Lighting plays an integral part in our overall perception and appreciation of live shows, our website allows clients to create the right mood and convey specific emotions on stage through advanced designs and cutting-edge view, thus improve VLTG’s competitiveness

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Don’t Copy Star Trek.

Why fictional futures limit our ability to innovate — and how to find better inspiration for tomorrow’s technology.

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